Case Study

The Challenge: An established retail and hospitality company required well trained retail staff to cater to for its upcoming expansion. The candidates being recruited through existing channels weren't briefed adequately and didn't have realistic expectations of life in the UAE. The client also required to establish a pipeline of candidates on a regular basis from multiple countries.

The Solution: In conjunction with the client, GroupL developed specific training curriculum. The course covered topics such as customer handling, communication, appearance and local customs in the UAE. Post this, GroupL went out and shortlisted candidates for the final selection by the client in four countries. With a view to developing a pipeline of job-ready candidates we established semi-permanent training centers in these countries.

The Result: Not only was the client able to source people for their immediate expansion, they were also able to develop a pipeline of candidates to cater for their requirements during the course of the rest of the year. The client has also given us a steady requirement of trained candidates from these countries on a monthly basis.


GroupL provides a complete recruiting solution from sourcing and selecting the very best candidates, their deployment, their welfare up until their repatriation.

Our local offices conduct pre-screening by telephone interview to confirm qualifications and proficiency in English, which is supported by secondary face-toface screening. Our HR teams will interview and verify each candidate’s medical fitness and aptitude as required. Where needed, verification of credentials can also be conducted.

All selected candidates undergo a pre-deployment induction training. Where required, further training can be conducted so that they arrive job-ready.

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