Case Study

The Challenge: A government body was upset with the fees unscrupulous recruitment agents were charging candidates for jobs with them. This led to a demotivated workforce who left once they were debt free, thereby rendering useless their investment in training of these staff.

The Solution: GroupL interviewed the candidates already in the UAE to ascertain which agents were notorious at over charging. Prior to the next cycle of recruitment these agents were made to pay a security deposit with the government body. We sent our own employees as ghost candidates to document and record the entire process. Once in the UAE, the candidates were reimbursed the excess charges from the security deposit. The proof gathered through this process was used to lodge a complaint with the country’s Embassy against the erring agents.

The Result: The employees were debt free almost from the time they commenced their employment. This resulted in happier employees and a much reduced turnover amongst them.


While organisations undergo annual financial audits without a thought, rarely do they engage in an audit of their HR practices and in particular their recruitment and selection processes. This may be due to the fact that financial transactions occur almost daily whereas processes are quickly developed when a new person needs to be hired.

Our highly qualified and experienced managers are able to provide expertise to deal with a range of issues including audit of the recruitment processes, labour dispute resolution, general HR administration, etc.

We provide our clients with ready to use checklists to ensure that job descriptions are kept up to date and salaries are equitable and at market rates.

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